The Official Massive Ten Championship Drinking Game

Penn State fans, are you prepared for the Huge Ten Championship Game? We sure are and we’ve got you covered with the official drinking game. So get all the booze ready, take a seat on your couch, and play along. Here’s how:

College Gameday

If you are down to commence early, the ESPN College Gameday crew came to Indianapolis and will broadcast live from outdoors Lucas Oil Stadium from 9 a.m. to noon. Here’s the guidelines:

  • Crack open a beer and take a drink, this is the starting of a special day.
  • Every time a Penn State segment comes on, finish your drink.
  • If they mention Penn State’s final Massive Ten Championship, grab your Paterno Legacy Series Lager and chug in his honor.
  • Drink any time Kirk Herbstreit says nice factors about the Nittany Lions, and chug anytime he argues their resume isn’t great enough for a spot in the College Football Playoff.
  • If you consider Keegan-Michael Essential is James Franklin when he comes on set, take a drink.
  • If Lee Corso dons the Nittany Lion headgear, finish your drink. And if he does not, finish your drink and we’ll see you at eight.

Penn State vs. Wisconsin

Right after a lengthy day of waiting, the game lastly kicks off at eight:17 p.m. on Fox. Here’s the guidelines:

  • Take a shot! Penn State is in fact playing in this game.
  • When Saquon Barkley takes the field, take a drink in homage to that dude’s toughness.
  • Anytime Bucky Badger is shown, take a drink and bear in mind you’re not the only a single that is not impressed with Wisconsin’s mascot.
  • Any time Trace McSorley leads the Nittany Lions down the field for a touchdown, drink in honor of this star’s moxie.
  • Each time Tyler Davis puts the ball through the uprights, drink and be satisfied this model of consistency is not missing critical chip shots (@Tyler Durbin).
  • Drink if they mention that James Franklin is “humbled and honored” to be at the Huge Ten Championship Game and is not thinking about the College Football Playoff.
  • Take a drink if Penn State is losing at the half and keep in mind that it is a second half team.
  • If a score update from the ACC Championship shows that Clemson is losing, take a shot to calm your nerves.
  • If Penn State wins, finish your drink. Hell, finish a number of drinks. The Nittany Lions are Massive Ten Champions!
  • If Penn State loses, finish your drink and feel back on what an extraordinary season this has been regardless of the game’s outcome.

Get pleasure from the game and drink responsibly!

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